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2007-07-23, 04:13
I have a SB3 in one room and a computer in another. The computer has on all my files in Lossless format and is also running SoftSqueeze. Obviously both are connected to an amp/speakers and I control them with a PDA.

I'm having some problems/questions, mainly regarding softsqueeze:

1. If I sync both players, often Softsqueeze will just stop. Sometimes it will miss a track and join in on the next track. While this is happening the SB3 plays fine.

2. When not in sync, shouldn't the Softsqueeze player be near instant? By this I mean the tracks should load faster given the location of slimserver is on the same computer(http://localhost:9000). So why then does it act no quicker than the SB3 which is streaming wirelessly from the computer? or is the answer that slimserver is sending tracks to my router and then back into the same computer using the wifi connection? If this is the case is there any way to stop this?

The IP address of the softsqueeze comes up as

3. By using Softsqueeze am I comprimising on sound quality? I haven't tested but how does softsqueeze compare to iTunes, or Foobar?

4. In softsqueeze prefs there's an 'audio mixer' pref. The choosen option is 'primary sound driver' but also listed is every port on my soundcard with "emulated" at the side. What's all this mean?

5. I'm planning to move softsqueeze/slimserver to an mini-itx computer. Is there any minimum requirements or should it run fine with a decidated audi card?

6. When changing/skipping to the next track in softsqueeze, there's an often a burst of audio before the next song starts. Is this normal? The same seems to happen when I pause, then play. The tracks comes on for a split second, the audio volume then swells down and back up again which makes it sounds like skipping but it seems actually it's just the volume.

2007-07-25, 13:27
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