View Full Version : J River UPnP server with SB

2007-07-22, 22:31
Has anyone been able to get the Squeezebox to work as a client for J River Media Center's UPnP server?

I got as far as getting it recognized by SlimServer, and I can browse the MC library and playlists, and I can send a list of songs to the Now Playing list on the SB. But then all it does is go through each song showing (Connecting...) and then (Connection timed out) on the SB display. I have enabled media sharing in Windows Vista and set the device to be allowed.

Can anyone help? I would love to get this working.

2007-07-27, 20:08
Well, I'm not sure what did it, but somehow I got it working. So if any J. River users what to have access to their Smartlists on Squeezebox... now you can!

I posted some info about the settings I used in the J. River forum here: http://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php?topic=41706.msg284328#msg284328

I just got it working moments ago, so I'm not sure how reliable it is yet.