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2007-07-22, 14:27
Is there a way to stop picking up other peoples music servers?

Recently I have been getting different peoples servers amongst my Browse options on the squeezebox.

Mark Lanctot
2007-07-22, 14:40
You will see other wireless networks as with any wireless networked device like a laptop, and there's no way to disable this.

However you will only be able to connect to other music servers if they're running SlimServer, which is highly unlikely. If they have not secured their network, you will be able to connect to it, but if they don't have a SlimServer running you won't be able to do anything once you're connected (maybe access SqueezeNetwork if you know their DNS/gateway).

It should only list networks you've connected to in the past. To get rid of these, you'll have to reset the unit - unplug power, press and hold ADD, replug power (but you'll have to re-enter all your own settings). This will not prevent the unit listing other wireless networks though, that's standard with all wireless devices. But it will eliminate any ones you've accidentally connected to in the past from the Connect to Music Source menu.

2007-07-22, 15:08
If strange things are showing up in the Browse menu, you are seeing other UPnP media servers on the network. To disable UPnP, you need SlimServer 6.5.3. Go to Server Settings -> Network, and choose Disabled under the UPnP Client section.

2007-07-22, 15:41
Here's what my Browse menue looks like:

* Acer MediaServer (Ceasar)
* Acer MediaServer (acer-958d50011c)
* Albums
* Artists
* Genres
* Years
* Music Folder
* New Music
* Favorites
* NEWCOM: Paul Lovallo:
* Random Mix
* Roxio Server ReneGGagne-PC
* Playlists
* YOUR-4F1261A8E5: 1 : Windows Media Connect

And this list changes daily.

I am running 6.5.1 on an Infrant Ready NAS, and there is no option to upgrade to 6.5.3 yet (6.5.2 is available but i do not want to upgrade unless there is a real reason to).

On The Ready NAS I do have UPnP is off, my WLAN is secured, but i think that is a red herring; these listings are not wlans.

My ISP is rogers cable so I am guessing that they are services advertised on our segment of the rogers network in some way...?

2007-07-22, 15:48
Those are UPnP media servers. If those servers are not running on your own network, you have a pretty serious security issue.

You may want to try running something like this, which can list all UPnP devices on your network. http://www.dirfile.com/universal_plug_and_play_tester.htm

2007-07-22, 16:51
wouldn't it be that THEY have a pretty serious security issue?

2007-07-22, 16:58
wouldn't it be that THEY have a pretty serious security issue?

It will show the encryption level.
Otherwise, yes...if no encryption then one would be left to defeat firewall,antivirus etc before gaining access.


2007-07-22, 19:25
This is a list of music servers or PCs with publicly available services, or at least publicly listed.

These are not wireless networks.

UPnP discovery is off on my Infrant Ready NAS.

2007-07-22, 23:15
> UPnP discovery is off on my Infrant Ready NAS.

Please see Andy's post (#3 in this thread, I guess) on how to disable UPnP
discovery in SlimServer.



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2007-07-22, 23:35
wouldn't it be that THEY have a pretty serious security issue?

Not if someone has gained access to your network and all those machines are residing on YOUR network.

What does your network setup look like and what kind of security are you using for your wireless networking?

2007-07-23, 22:55
they are on the shaw network, not mine. My wirless is regular old insecure wep encrypted but i live in a remote area so unless they are camping in the woods...

As I said, they are on the ISPs network, my Slimserver is picking up their advertised services.

wish i could disable UPnP in slimserver, but v 6.5.1 does not have such an option I do not think.

2007-07-23, 23:21
As I said, they are on the ISPs network, my Slimserver is picking up their advertised services.

How is UPnP traffic being allowed onto your network? Check the firewall/router between your network and your ISP and make sure it isn't allowing UPnP to pass through.

2007-07-24, 08:51
Check your router cabling.

A typical router will have a port for your connection to the Internet (ie to the DSL or cable modem) and usually 4 or so for local clients.

If you plug the connection from the DSL or Cable modem into one of the 4, it will not be acting as a router, but as an Access Point. Ie, it will think your cable modem network is part of your local network and gladly pass anything to it. It gets a very odd view of what is local and what is remote.

(I used to have a neighbor who did that... I would see tons of ARP packets on wireless, and, no, he didn't encrypt either...)

The router itself should not be allowing UDP broadcasts through unless you have set it up specifically to do that.. or miswired it.

2007-07-24, 09:25
cabling is fine.

here's a list of the *current connecitons* from my router - there's many of them - my infrant readynas which runs the slimserver software is TCP 60513 119 TCP 60785 214 TCP 60787 213 TCP 60789 213 TCP 60899 233 TCP 60901 231 TCP 60907 229 TCP 60911 228


The 24.68.*.* range is Shaw Cable.

My interpretation of this is still that these are outbound connections from my slimserver or from the Infrant software on the ReadyNAS NV. The Infrant ready NAS did have a UPnP option on it that I did have turned on, but is now off.

I think it is some network neighbours of mine on the shaw network that have their upnp devices unprotected on the shaw network and the slimserver upnp client is happy to pick them up as potential sources to grab music from.

I mentioned above and will again, that I am running slimserver embedded on the ReadyNAS so I do not have the 6.5.3 version to upgrade to yet; that version has an option to turn off the UPnP client. I upgraded to 6.5.2 last night but this did not help.

I guess this is really just a minor issue though. I just don't want to see all these people's UPnP devices in my Browse list is all. I guess I can start turning off popular ports for these things on my firewall.

2007-07-24, 10:00
I blocked TCP ports 2869 and 8008 outbound on my router and these devices / services no longer appear in my Browse list in slimserver or on the Squeezebox.

2007-07-26, 15:06
In case anyone else is interested, blocking ports 60109, 52120, 60265 and 50058 blocks ACEr media servers.

2007-07-26, 15:31
In case anyone else is interested, blocking ports 60109, 52120, 60265 and 50058 blocks ACEr media servers.
Are those the target or the source ports? If they're the source ports it won't do you any good. You can't hope to block the source ports used by your server, as they're chosen randomly for each connection.

But instead of figuring out all the esoteric ports that SlimServer might contact on other servers, why not block all ports, figure out which (target) ports/services the server needs to use, and only open those? It's really the only way to use a firewall to block undesired outgoing connections. Otherwise you could be discovering new ones forever.