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2007-07-22, 06:07
Recently purchased Squeezebox and very happy! But, I cannot get it to play lossless files; neither Windows lossless (ripped through WMP10) or Apple lossless (ripped through iTunes). The Squeezebox console recognizes the files, but will not play them. It just remains 'stuck' at the beginning of the track and won't play.
Any ideas?
Much obliged!

2007-07-22, 06:36
What OS ?
What version of Slimserver ?

If you are using Linux then checkout
Getting WMA Lossless on linux is a bit harder.

2007-07-22, 09:35
Hi, I'm using Windows XP, and (I believe) Slimserver version 6.5.1


2007-07-22, 09:51
On windows everything should be set up but for Apple Lossless you need Quicktime installed.

Are the WMA Lossless files copy protected (used to be the default when ripping with WMP) ?

The other possibility is security s/w blocking the socketwrapper.exe app. What security s/w (e.g. Norton, ZoneAlarm, NOD32) have you installed ?

2007-07-23, 21:29
I have Quicktime 7.1.6 installed and, when I tried WMP as an alternative to iTunes, I ensured that the rips were copyright free, as it were.

As for antivirus systems, I have NOD32 installed.

2007-07-24, 00:24
For Slimserver 6.5.1 and using NOD32 you have to explicitly add socketwrapper.exe to NOD32 IMON pages (I believe IMON1 and IMON2 see http://www.x2systems.com/alienbbc/IMON1.png and http://www.x2systems.com/alienbbc/IMON2.png)


However a better longer term solution would be to upgrade to 6.5.3 - it fixes a lot of 6.5.1 & 6.5.2 bugs and remove the need for socketwrapper to be added to NOD32 except if you are using some internet streams (e.g OGG, RealAudio/AlienBBC).

2007-07-24, 21:31
I have installed version 6.5.3 as per your suggestion and it is now working! Thank you kindly for your help and advice!