View Full Version : More remote codes

2007-07-21, 00:51
The Harmony universal remotes let you choose a "Search for Artist" command for the Squeezebox, yet that command isn't recognized by my Squeezebox (v3). Any idea whether there is a remote code for "Search for Artist"? If so, how do I get it? If not, could one be added (as well as other menu commands, even including specific items in the Favorites list)? Would this require hardware, firmware, server software, and/or Harmony code updates?

And... if I actually wanted the remote command to be "Lazy Search for Artist", would that also require a change to the Lazy Search plugin? The remote's Search command already does Lazy Search if the plugin is installed, but I'm not sure that even if the remote could tell the server to do "Search for Artist", that that would automatically be a lazy search.