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2007-07-20, 16:01
Hi there,

I am looking to buy a SB3 for mostly Internet Radio use. However in other forums eg the "Reciva Internet radio site" I have noticed people complaining about the use of a shockwave flash based audio player that a lot of US stations are now using. This is causing a lot of stations to stop streaming on their "reciva" external devices. I was wondering does this affect the SB3 too.
Also is it fairly straighfoward to get the SB3 to stream internet radio.

thanks for your help

Mark Lanctot
2007-07-21, 07:48
I was wondering does this affect the SB3 too.

Yes, it does. The bottom line is that most stations want you on their website, seeing their ads, and some go to great lengths to ensure this. Flash-based players, StreamTheWorld protocol, ClearChannel protocol, geographic blocking, rotating URLs and URL obfuscation are all examples of this.

Unfortunately the US-based independents are on life support. http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=36750

Also is it fairly straighfoward to get the SB3 to stream internet radio.

I personally hardly ever do this, but the main issue is finding the right URL. Once you have that, it'll also depend if the stream is supported.

There are tools to help you find the right URL: http://www.donationcoder.com/Software/Mouser/urlsnooper/ and http://mikesradioworld.com/

2007-07-21, 08:11
For many the StreamTheWorld services (e.g. CBS) there are alternative lower quality MP3 streams available.

The advantage of Slimserver over something like a reciva or other vendor box, is that Slimserver can do some protocol processing to get stream running. This has happened with XM and Sirius. So if somebody was motivated, I'm pretty sure some of the Flash based streams could be make to work.

Paul Webster
2007-07-22, 02:19
I've had my Squeezeboxes for a few years now - but I also have a Reciva-based device as well (Logik IR100).
The reason I recently bought the Reciva device ... I have been looking at putting a streaming device into the bathroom for a while, to replace a DAB/FM radio - because I wanted to be able to pick my own playlist from my music plus listen to some internet stations while relaxing in the bath.

I really wanted a compact all-in-1 device - ideally with a remote control.

I could have buried speakers in the ceiling and mounted a Squeezebox into the wall ... and I should have done just that when we re-did the bathroom some years ago ... but that is water under the bridge (or perhaps down the plug hole).

So - when the Reciva-based Logik IR100 device got reduced to 50GBP, I went for it. I compromised on the remote control .. in the knowledged that someone else has documented a hack to add an IR reciever to it (the firmware supports it).
In the 10 days or so that I have had it - it has worked well.
The stations I wanted do work well. Plus, it has the equivalent of AlienBBC to present the BBC On Demand streams.
As an experiment - I decided to see if I could help people on their forum that were trying to get different stations to work that were either broken in the "official" list or were simply not present. I resolved about 1 a day without too much hardship.
They have also announced that they are going to let trusted users update the station listings and they seem to be interested in a WikiRadio-style approach as well.

Not as flexible as SlimServer plus Squeezebox - but pretty good - especially at the current bargain basement price from PCWorld (UK).

(I can also set it up as a slave off SlimServer - and build a playlist using the interface I am familiar with and then send it to the Reciva box)