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2007-07-20, 08:56
I see by looking at some of these threads that there are some issues with the new 6.5.3 scanner. I recently upgraded to 6.5.3 in order to overcome some problems with a NTFS mounted external drive. My library consists of 1500 albums, about 21,000 songs all in WMA lossless format, encoded using CD-DA 10 from poikosoft (www.poikosoft.com). I was running just fine with 6.3.1 until I tried adding an additional hard drive. Now, after the scan, it only reveals a fraction of my collection. If I tell the system to 'look for new music' it finds more. If I run it again, it finds a little more (about 5% each time). What has changed in this new version? I am tempted to roll back to 6.3.1 where library scanning actually worked.

Any tips here? The real selling feature of SqB has been the software.

2007-07-20, 23:52
> finds a little more (about 5% each time). What has changed in this new
> version?

The changelog is installed with the server. But there have been _huge_
changes betwen 6.3.x and 6.5.x. Please give us some more information about
your system: OS version, AV products, eventlog entries etc.

Does the scanner finish its job at all or does it crash?


2007-07-21, 10:22
I can't live without my SqB so I resorted back. I would like
to see this problem resolved with future versions. I submitted an email to support AT slim....


OS: Windows XP-sp2

Types of files: 1500 WMA-lossless albums, approximately 21,000 tracks. Ripped using non-drm CD-DA from www.poikosoft.com

Files are on a 500GB USB2.0 hard drive.

I have performed a clean install of 6.5.3 manually removing beforehand the slimdevices


After the initial library discovery, only 40% of the tracks on the drive were listed by the

slimserver. Many of the albums only had a couple tracks listed.

If I ‘scan for new or changed music’ it finds more tracks only a few hundred at a time so

the list keeps growing. I prefer not to keep hitting ‘find new or changed’ dozens of times though.

I do not think this is a file format problem because they worked with 6.3.1 before and the

fact that scanning for new files finds more songs.

2007-07-21, 10:24
The scanner appears to not die, however, it certainly doesn't really finish the job.