View Full Version : Belkin N1 Wireless +SB2 = no go

2007-07-20, 06:28
Has anyone had any luck getting this combo to work?

I'm having a nightmare getting these things to talk.

It's a Belkin N1 (F5D8631-4)

I've had my SB2 connected to a Netgear DG834 for years and its worked fine, but it failed and needed replacing.

I'm using the latest firmwares and releases on all hardware.

If I try and use WPA (either WPA or WPA2) I'll get an error from the Squeezebox - "Problem: Wireless Encryption Failure" . I am definitely entering the correct passphrase, I've done it plenty of times before :)

If I use WEP or no encryption, it will actually join the network. However, the SB2 refuses to play nicely with the DHCP server. I can actually see on the router status that it's giving a lease to the SB2, but the SB2 reports that it never gets an IP. I can try and force a static IP but it never works either.

This particular model doesn't appear in the list of routers in the Wiki, I'm guessing this is a dud model to attempt to use with the Squeezebox.

Has anyone actually managed to get these things to play nicely? (BTW via Ethernet of course on this device it works perfectly. Unfortunately I can't get an ethernet cable to its normal location)