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2007-07-19, 12:06

I have slimserver and a squeezebox 2. The squeezebox is not in the same room as my computer, and rather than use softsqueeze I'd like to listen to music on the slimserver through amarok.

I found some plugins that allow me to control slimserver through amarok, but nothing that tells me how to "tune in" to whatever is already playing on the squeezebox. Is there a method to do this? I feel that there is, but I haven't hit upon the right keywords while searching for an answer.

Mark Lanctot
2007-07-19, 12:46
If amarok can play streams, tune it to http://localhost:9000/stream.mp3

You have to have LAME installed if you're streaming anything other than MP3.

2007-07-19, 14:43
Thanks! I was able to get amarok to connect, but I don't seem to have any audio. You mentioned I need to have lame installed if I'm listening to non-mp3 music. All of my music is in FLAC format so I downloaded lame onto my system, but I don't actually get any audio. Is there some extra configuration?

Mark Lanctot
2007-07-19, 14:49
Go to Server Settings - File Types. Check FLAC -> MP3 (flac/lame).

Then go to Player Settings - Audio - Bitrate Limiting. This will tell you whether SlimServer recognizes LAME and what the current bitrate is. 320 kbps is the default. You can alter the quality above in Lame Quality Level but beware, a setting of 0 can bring even fast machines to their knees!

2007-07-19, 15:08
Listening through the stream.mp3 interface is a bit backwards. Start the stream in Amarok. Then go to the web interface, select your IP address from the player menu, and select some music to play.