View Full Version : My song "Where Is Your Soul?" is up to #20 at Neil Young's website

2007-07-17, 23:37
My original song is climbing the Protest Video chart at Neil Young's website. It is now up to #20 (out of 260). You can help it go higher by going to the website and clicking on the link there. I guess songs are rated by number of views they get.

Song is called "Where Is Your Soul?" and you'll see the link at #20. I am totally amazed that an amateur like me with just a simple microphone and acoustic guitar could get this high. It really does come as a surprise especially because this particular song is unrehearsed and just played from the gut. I have heard that Young likes that method of recording so perhaps that's why he chose the video for the list.

Here's the link to the website and Thanks for your help!