View Full Version : SlimServer on a older G4 powermac

2007-07-17, 15:26
I've had enough of windows of my server. I detest it everytime something goes wrong.

Thinking of getting a mac to use as my server. (I use macs mainly anyway). Mac Mini's are too expensive, iMacs are overkill so I'm thinking of picking up a used G4 powermac on ebay, something like a 400/500mhz.

Anyone running slim server with a similar spec powermac? how's it perform?

Eric Seaberg
2007-07-17, 21:26
I bought a refurbished Mini from Apple (1.8GHz Core Duo) and it's AWESOME... only $600. You could probaly get a 400MHz G4 for $250-300 but then you'd porbably want to add a processor upgrade. (I have a 400MHz G4 but have put in a single 1.8GHz G4 upgrade into it... it also works as a great server).

2007-07-17, 21:44
I bought a mac mini off of craigslist - the prices seem to be a bit better than eBay - though they vary more widely. I've seen several of the older mac minis (G4) go for 3 or 4 hundred dollars on craigslist - for a 1.25 Ghz machine! It is super quiet too. I think that a mac mini would make an ideal slimserver box.

I've not used slimserver on the mac mini though - I'd already set up an inexpensive Linux server before I got it...

2007-07-18, 00:43
i run a quit cube g4 450mhz as headless slimserver machine. no problem. so you can use any g4 i think.
remember that there will come a new macos (10.5). i don't know if it supports g4 machines...

2007-07-18, 10:58
I'm running slimserver on a quicksilver g4 and it works marvelously. I will add though that I upgraded the processor from 867 to 1.8 and things work a heck of a lot better.

I don't know if I'm in the minority but I feel like the slimserver and it's companion programs like music magic mixer regularly take up a heck of a lot of processing power so the faster the machine the smoother the slimserver experience.