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2007-07-17, 10:15
I know Slimsever can attach to Upnp servers but I was wondering if control could be managed the other way? That is to control the SqueezeBoxes via Slimserver/Upnp. I have a NevoSL remote that can control Upnp clients and it seems more and more devices are appearing with this capability.

2007-07-18, 23:51
As you already suspect SlimServer can only act as an UPnP client, so at the moment there is no way to do what you like.

However, I think it would be possible to implement an UPnP server in SlimServer that exposed all SqueezeBox'es as UPnP devices that can be controlled from an UPnP client. This way any application which can act as a UPnP client would be able to connect to SlimServer, browse the library and start playing a song on a specific SqueezeBox.

My guess is that if you like anything like this to happen in the near future you either have to do it yourself or convince someone to do it for you. There are probably a lot of other stuff that has higher priority for Logitech/SlimDevices.