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2007-07-16, 00:41
I recently installed a SQ3 and accessing my music library via iTunes on a mac mini. Every thing works fine except for when i list music via Artists - when browsing I find certain ones are missing, yet under the album list they are there. All my music is ripped to apple lossless. Any ideas? Do I need to re-rip these "missing" artists???

2007-07-16, 01:43
You don't say what version of Slimserver you are using, but I'm guessing it's 6.5.2?

If so, there is a bug in 6.5.2 which causes songs not to show up under ARTIST if there is an identical COMPOSER tag in the same file. Itunes will add COMPOSER tags without you necessarily being aware of them.

2 solutions:

Upgrade to the latest release version, 6.5.3 - this problem is fixed.

Delete the COMPOSER tags in the offending files and do a full clear and rescan.

2007-07-17, 02:35
Many Thanks