View Full Version : Squeezebox and Windows Home Server

2007-07-15, 18:22
I am looking to use a squeezebox to access music stored on a shared directory on a windows home server based network. The music library was established through itunes and the itunes clients on my PCs can see the networked music but if the squeezebox requires special software on the PC where the music resides this may be an issue. also, most PCs are now running Vista. Can anyone tell me if there are likely to be problems doing this.

2007-07-16, 04:57
Several people here have been trying out SlimServer on Windows Home Server. Search for "WHS" and "Windows Home Server."

I've been running SlimServer 6.5.2 on the WHS RC1 release (and the Beta2 before that) without any trouble. I don't use iTunes, so I can't speak to how that integrates.