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2007-07-15, 13:56
I have a SB3 and did not have any problems with it ... until I moved my stereo and the SB3 to another room. With all settings the same (I really have altered nothing, just physically removed the devices) now the music constantly stops and the SB shows the message: " connection reset by local host".

I really don't know what's going on - anybody who knows?

Relevant equipment: Linksys Wireless G

Thanks in advance, Anko

2007-07-16, 05:36
What wireless strength are you getting in the new location?

Mark Lanctot
2007-07-16, 06:10
There was one other thread about this - I wouldn't know what unique words were used in it in order to find it, but the problem was actually exactly what the error message stated - the host was resetting the connection.

It was some sort of software on the host that regularly interrupted all network traffic - either networking management software or a misbehaving firewall.

Are you running any unusual network software on the PC? Is it spyware-free?

2007-07-16, 12:02

Strength of connection is 99, couldn't be better. About unusual network software, I haven't got the faintest idea. Could you name me some? I haven't even got an idea exactly what is network software....

As far as I know, the computer is spywarefree, I regularly check things. As a virusscanner I use Kaspersky. Firewall: only the Windows firewall (and router set up as firewall of course)

Any ideas?

Thanks, Anko

Mark Lanctot
2007-07-16, 12:19
About unusual network software, I haven't got the faintest idea. Could you name me some? I haven't even got an idea exactly what is network software....

Firewalls, definitely. But particularly stuff like "network managers", "network assistants", that sort of thing. What software came with your network card? Are you using a wireless network card?

2007-07-16, 12:27
Also consider wireless interference - something could be creating burst of "Noise" which is disrupting the SB3-Slimserver connection. Moving the SB3 may have moved it closer to the source of the noise.

2007-07-16, 13:15
Connection reset is basically this in TCP...

Client requests to make a connection, sends a packet with the 'SYN' flag set to the server.

The server respsonds with a packet with both the SYN and ACK flags set when things work. This means both client and server are "connected" and they can communicate normally.

Connection Reset is when the server, instead of sending back SYN-ACK, sends back SYN-NAK (negative acknowledge to the synchronize request in slightly more normal English). The normal reason for that is that there is nothing listening on the port, so the server tells the client to go away. (In Firefox you may see this on some web sites... IE hides it from you with a special page telling you precisely nothing and pointing 10 directions to what the problem is...)

Now, why would the server send that? I would look at firewall settings (ZoneAlarm, Windows Firewall, and many virus checkers come with firewalls). If you are like most people at home, you should be safe telling the firewall, "stuff from my own local network is fine, stop breaking it". If someone manages to get a machine on your network, you have more problems than a firewall can fix.

The other thing is if you set IP-security in Slimserver, allowing only specific clients, and moving your Squeezebox got it a new IP number when it started up. (That depends on your router... some are smart and will try to give clients the same IP, others just don't care.)

Turning off IP security on the web page (under Server Settings / Security) will fix that. Again, any router should be stopping requests coming from the Internet anyway, so it won't mean anything unless you have specifically told your router to forward things to your server (not likely).