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2007-07-15, 06:52
I'm currently running 6.3.1, and am going to try 6.5.3 since I've heard several good things about it. I don't actually have all that many problems with 6.3.1, though there are a couple of things that I'd like to see resolved hence going for the newer version.

Last time I upgraded (I tried 6.5.1, I think) I was forced to downgrade due to almost all tracks cutting-off a few seconds before the end. I think maybe the problem might have been affected by the hardware; since I've recently gone for SB3 (from SB1) I'm hoping I'll fare a bit better with 6.5.x

But I digress. I've always found it a fair bit of hassle to upgrade slimserver what with the various plugins and stuff that I have to upgrade at the same time. This time I'm thinking of soething a bit more drastic... Uninstall 6.3.1, delete the slimserver folder, then install 6.5.3. Problem is this would wipe out all my settings (I guess). Is there a file or 3 that I could save then restore after upgrade to ensure I keep all my settings? Or is that a different/better way to upgrade from 6.3.1 to 6.5.3?

Any advice appreciated - many thanks!

EDIT: I just noticed that my sig sstill says 6.5.1. That's incorrect. I upgraded for a very short time, but reverted back again for reasons mentioned above. That probably means that the plugin versions are also incorrect. Probably best to ignore the first line of my sig :)

2007-07-15, 07:16
I think that everything you need is in slimserver.pref, plus the plugins in your Plugins directory. The location of slimserver.pref seems to vary across Windows version. In XP the default is "c:\program files\slimserver\server\slimserver.pref". Of course, even when doing an upgrade over top of an existing version it's a good idea to backup this file. The plugins are in "c:\program files\slimserver\server\plugins".

2007-07-15, 07:27
Nice one - thanks dude. I'll probably have to can my plugins anyway: I upgraded them when I tried 6.5.1, but not sure whether I put them back or not (AlienBBC currently not working, so need to reinstall the correct version for example).

It's more the preferences that I'm concerned about, and looks like you've covered those in your post above :) Anything else I need to be wary of? I'm probably going to start out by simply renaming the original folder so I can restore any files as I need - but if any pitfalls I should be cautious of when moving from 6.3.1 to 6.5.3, would be grateful for a heads-up.

Thanks for your post though - looks like the prefs file is the one I needed to know about.