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2007-07-15, 00:18
Hi All,

I have lived with a bit of an issue now for some time. It has been further agrivated as of late with the upgrade to SlimServer as it does not even recognize my files, and claims that the added folder for MP3's is "invalid". My Slingdevice has yet been able to play any of my stored MP3's, it will connect to the network just fine and plays the internet radio well but no luck with the files. I had previously had a ROKu which worked fine but ............

I am storing my MP3's on my Linkstation. I am not really keen on getting into the root of the system to load slingserver onto it but I guess it might be my only resource. My Itunes library is on this drive (mp3's) but my playlists are on my C: drive. So anyone know how I can get the system to look into the folder on the external drive for the MP3's, it does not recognize anything I have entered including what was working before I updated the server. Secondly, how do I get it to read the files? The update process does not work and later tonight I will attempt to delete the Cache folder to see if that works.

Thanks in advance.

2007-07-15, 01:36
assuming slimserver is installed on Windows machine and that the Linkstation is shared on the same network as that Windows machine, use the UNC path to direct slimserver to your files

in other words - if you have the music folder on the linkstation mapped as Z:\ - do not use that path

instead - go to network neighbourhood, and browse to the music folder on the linkstation (and making sure Tools-Folder Options-View-Display the full path in teh address bar is ticked in windows explorer) - you can simply copy the path from the address bar

as the playlists are on local drive - you can tell slimserver to look at a different path

you will then need to "clear and rescan"