View Full Version : Outputs on the Transporter

2007-07-14, 03:40
Since I use the transporter as an all in one source/preamp I was contemplating using the single ended and balanced outputs at the same time, basically allowing me to run the SE outputs to my amp and the balanced outputs to a pan eq. and then a stereo pair of subwoofers.

Is there any reason this could not be done, can the transporter drive both outputs at the same time?

2007-07-14, 06:53
I'm doing exactly this...feeding one amp that drives my main "serious listening" speaker pair with the unbalanced outputs, and feeding another amp that drives the rest of the house (via a Niles SVL-4 speaker selector / volume adjuster) with the balanced outputs. Both amps are ATI AT1502s.

This setup has worked perfectly for me and has been how I've been using my Transporter since I first plugged it in.

If your pan eq doesn't have balanced inputs, you may want to look at this thread here:
In it, Sean sets me straight as to the proper way to unbalance the balanced outputs.

2007-07-14, 09:56
Excellent, thanks. My other option is using something like the DEQ2496, feeding that the AES/EBU output from the transporter and using its pan eq in the digital realm, then doing the DA conversion in that box.

Just in the thinking stage of this project, but thanks!