View Full Version : still having sync issues with latest build

Dean Mullin
2004-01-10, 12:00
There were some messages that stated that sync was working relatively
well for them. I am not finding sync to work any better using the
01/09/04 build, and firmware v6.

G5 dual 2 2 gigs RAM
Playing 320 CBR MP3
2 squeeze wireless
1 squeeze wired

I am trying to play a playlist with approximately 100 songs in it.
There is approximately 6000 songs in the database. I am concerned that
I may be doing something wrong. I am trying to sync all three players
to one player. Should I instead sync player "one" to player "two" and
then player "three" to player "two"?

I have noticed that the web browser will continually refresh every
couple of seconds instead of the setting of 30 seconds when the audio
is not playing correctly. This behavior repeats after every song.
Closing the browser on the client does not solve the problem.

I can also get the music to play by forwarding to the next song,
hitting pause before the song would automatically start playing, and
then hitting play on the remote.

Thank you,
Dean Mullin