View Full Version : SB: KQED stream via Squeezenetwork causes RESETS!

2007-07-13, 15:46
Here's a weird one...

We use our Squeezebox almost exclusively through Squeezenetwork (for Pandora and streaming net stations).

Quite often when we play the stream for our local NPR affiliate, KQED, which we have as one of our favorites, the SB freezes, there's a very loud "pop" out the analog outputs as the SB *RESETS*!

E.g. something in the KQED stream/playlist causes a reset. :(

I believe the problem is related to the fact that KQED stream always plays a sponsorship message first , then switches to the live stream -- I assume there are multiple "files" in its playlist or whatever.

We can often work around this by hitting "rewind" or "forward" after playing the stream.

Another subtlety, it often seems that we never get a reset when we play through the Squeezenetwork "favorites... by city... san francisco..." entry point, only when we play it as a favorite.

Perhaps some kind of cache is kept for favorites related to position in list?

Anyone else encountered this?

2007-07-13, 16:03
What URL are you using as there are MP3, WMA, quicktime and Realaudio streams.

2007-07-19, 17:32
We've never had to enter a URL by hand.

We use whichever URL appears in SqueezeNetwork's "Best of Internet Radio" section "By City" for "San Francisco"

Since we've had the box I believe KQED has changed their stream URL(s) more than once; we've always re-added a new favorite from the "San Francisco" listing, which seems to be updated pretty quickly.

It's still happening btw, I just got a reset yesterday. :/

2007-07-24, 17:37

No one else experiencing problems with the KQED stream?

That seems very very odd. Anyone care to try it for me?

2007-07-24, 21:10
I listen to KQED quite often over Squeezenetwork. In six months of listening, I have never seen the problem you are describing. The URL I'm using is:


2007-08-06, 18:13
Wadya know.

That stream works like a champ, thanks!

For now I'll heartily avoid the other. I still wonder what about it was causing resets, but my interest in that wanes significantly now that I can avoid them... :/

2007-08-06, 18:40
Maybe you need to "donate" some money to them...