View Full Version : streaming to an Xbox360

2007-07-13, 14:16
Is it possible to play music on a non-modified xbox 360 streamed from a slimserver?

Bas Horneman
2007-07-14, 14:33
Unmodified you mean with the standard software?

Definately it won't play standard from slimserver ..(I think) but you might be able to stream quite a few things...not sure what files you play with slimserver.

2007-07-14, 14:44
all my music is in mp3 format. The xbox can find mp3s on a windows box on the network, but I dont want to make a copy from linux onto windoze. Hence wanting a connection from the slimserver.


Bas Horneman
2007-07-14, 14:50
Can you perhaps create a share/mapping to the linux directories from your windows box? That should do the trick.

2007-07-14, 15:22
Can you perhaps create a share/mapping to the linux directories from your windows box? That should do the trick.
mmm I use Samba to make the linux volume available and it has a windoze drive mapping, but still not picked up by the xbox.

2007-07-16, 12:11
I'm looking for the same thing. I used to use TVersity, but recently moved to Linux and I've lost the ability to stream anything to my 360.

I see there are a few projects evolving to support Linux, but I don't have my notes with me. A few minutes with google should give you some leads.

Paul Webster
2007-07-16, 15:39
Can you simply run a UPnP-AV server on your Linux box and point it to your music file - and then let the Xbox 360 find it?
Or is the Xbox 360 UPnp support not really there yet?
I think I read somewhere that TwonkyVision had some sort of kludge to make Xbox 360 fit in ... and that they have a 30 day free trial version and it is multiplatform.

2007-07-16, 15:44
You can stream to a 360 using a uPnP server.
I've tried both TonkyVision and TVersity (which are both 'generic' UPNP servers) and they work fine with the 360. TVersity also supports transcoding video to the 360 (but you'll need a mega weight PC and network)

But you can't play direct from Slimserver or from a shared drive (Samba, mapped drive or UNC path)

2007-12-16, 13:59
Is this still the case guys? I love slimserver. Has no-one written a nice plugin yet so that you can use the PS3 or Xbox 360 to point at the slimserver? I'm loathed to have two server engines running on my PC.

Anyone? :)

2007-12-30, 18:24
spent a few days this week playing with this & Tversity seems to be the only way. Gets FLAC files to the xbox 360 and have the added benefit of serving video. Would be nice if this functionality could be added to slimserver, especially video.