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2007-07-13, 09:04
Hi everyone,

really pleased with the Squeezebox, an excellent gadget!
The only thing that is annoying me and I am hoping that someone may have a work around or can tell me how to change it... and here it is:

* When I play a song which is streaming it is from my PC and files are stored in Windows Media Player.
When I go to choose the song I want I dont really wanna see the album name, I would prefer to just see the artist and song, especially when the song doesnt have an album name and so is blank.

I have tried playing with settings but I cant find anything to take the album section out of it? Is this possible or am I out of luck?

Many thanks if you answer this.


2007-07-13, 09:11
For maximum control of what you see on the display, try the MusicInfoScr plugin (look in the Wiki plugins page).

BTW - are you looking at the SB display, or the web interface when you are choosing songs?


2007-07-13, 09:22
hi ceejay,

Thanks for the reply. Its the sb display I am looking at.