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2007-07-13, 01:49
Does anybody have any (budget) ideas for speakers for a T-Amp?

Just bought one but not sure what sort of spec to look for apart from a 90db+ sensitivity which seems to take me into audiophile price range. The room I will use it in is quite long 10m x 4m. Don't need anything brilliant - mostly listen to mp3 and radio but like to crank it up occassionally.

Anybody any experience with <100 speakers?

Mark Lanctot
2007-07-13, 05:56
The usual recommendation for sensitive speakers is Klipsch.

I thought this was more of a historical impression due to the Klischorns (horns) but no, it still appears to be the case. A random sampling: RB-81 bookshelf speaker, sensitivity 97 dB!

It looks like the RB-81 is the flagship bookshelf, so going down the list, it looks like the RSX-5 has acceptable sensitivity at 93 dB. The RSX-4 and RSX-3 are more like regular speakers.

The B-2 is also fairly sensitive at 92 dB.

In the RB-series, you have to start at the RB-51 to get decent sensitivity at 92 dB.

The SLX LCR is also very sensitive at 95 dB.

Now, I haven't priced Klipsch lately and I don't work in UK pounds, but from what I can recall, Klipsch are fairly reasonably priced.

A bit of a warning though, in addition to being known as sensitive, Klipsch are also known for being bright. With a bright amp like the T-amp it could be too much. Best to listen to them first.

2007-07-13, 08:23
I love my T-amp + Fostex FE206 combo. They're only sold as drivers though, so you'd need some type of wood box to put them in. Reggae, Dub, Electronic, Jazz, and Acoustic Guitar music sounds incredible on them as-is, but you would need a subwoofer to make most Rock and Classical sound right. Also, the directional nature of the sound single driver speakers put out would make them great for a long room, IMO.

If you're having trouble finding/making a box, you could try Visaton B200 in an open baffle alignment (simply mounted to a pc. of plywood with a hole in the center for the driver).

Mark's suggestion of Klipsch is probably right on the mark as well.

2007-07-13, 12:44
merrill zigmahornets - but it's a DIY effortg

2007-07-13, 14:46
Reggae, Dub, Electronic, Jazz, and Acoustic Guitar music sounds incredible on them as-is, but you would need a subwoofer to make most Rock and Classical sound right.

You need a sub for classical but not reggae?!?!

Anyway, on topic, I use a T-amp into Wharfedale Diamond 8.1s (might be 9.1s, can't remember). These speakers were hyped almost as much as the T-amp, so the match seemed made in heaven. It sounds fine (just my computer/TV system).


2007-07-14, 05:35
You need a sub for classical but not reggae?!?!

Yeah, in my experience anyway. Reggae usually suffers a surplus of low frequencies, which is great for making the Fostex speakers move, but can be TOO much with the sub.

Classical seems to be more sanely mastered, and not use the disc as an EQ, yet the low frequencies are essential to creating the ambience and making the transients exciting. Since it's not all bass all the time, the sub tends not to 'get in the way' as much as with reggae.

2007-07-14, 13:49
I have some Monitor Audio BR1 plugged into my T-Amp, sounds pretty good - I use them in my kitchen. It goes loud enough for the kids to shut the door on me when I'm cooking (rocking?).
A bit over your budget at 135. I did try some el cheepo gales fro Richer Sounds but zero bass and less volume. Much happier with the BR1s.


2007-07-14, 20:09
I'm using a pair of Klipsch RB10's at work which sound great and an older pair of Monitor Audio Baby Boomers I picked up on consignment for the bedroom. Both are spectacular for low to moderate volume levels with the Sonic T-amp.

2007-07-14, 20:20
I've got RB-81s in my living room on the T amp. Sound great on jazz and classic rock. Plenty of bass for me, better than my old Cambridge audio speakers and subwoofer setup.

Pale Blue Ego
2007-07-15, 08:44
I've heard some of the cheap Athena speakers work well with the T-Amp. Here's one with 90dB efficiency for $99 a pair:


2007-07-16, 08:26
I've been eyeing these for a T-Amp system. They're 92dB. Not sure if they ship to the UK, but at under $260 U.S, they seem like a good option in roughly the same the ballpark:


2007-07-20, 13:33
Thanks for all the good advice.
In the end I've changed my mind completely!

I've uped the budget and ordered a pair of AudioEngine A5 and will resell the T-amp. It just looks a bit puny and in my house it is bound to hit the floor a few times. I was hoping to do this on the cheap but 30 for the amp plus probably 200 for the Klipsch - I'd rather have something that looks as neat as the A5 for about the same price.

2007-07-28, 10:11
BIC Acoustech HT-64 Bookshelf Speakers?

I just joined am I'm very interested in using the slim approach to getting music throughout the house. Also interested in using T-Amps for some of the rooms. looked at Sonos and just seemed too expensive, thinking of using a Nokia 800 as a control and seeing how close I can get to the Sonos system. Anyway, getting off topic now. There's so much to look at, please excuse any upcoming posts if they've been covered somewhere else. I'll keep browsing for now.