View Full Version : Fast Forward Problem

Grey Fox
2007-07-12, 07:25
Dear all,
I am running a Qnap TS101 and wirelessly feeding my squeezebox (ver 6.3.1)with audio. Everything is fine but I cannot get it to fast forward or rewind by holding the appropriate button down as per the manual. Is this a prob with wireless or a bug?

any suggestions would be welcome.

Mark Lanctot
2007-07-12, 07:31
What file format are you using? FF/REW only works on native, not transcoded, file formats.

Grey Fox
2007-07-12, 07:36
I'm not sure of the difference between transcoded and native file formats. I have ripped my CDs to the server using Windows media player 9. The only option there I think is .wma

Does this help?

Mark Lanctot
2007-07-12, 07:59
Yes, .WMA is transcoded on 6.3.1, not native. So unfortunately you won't be able to fast-forward .WMA.

However I believe .WMA (lossy) was added to SlimServer 6.5.0 and later. .WMA lossless is always transcoded though.

Transcoded means the server is changing it to something else the SB can decode, native means the SB is decoding it all on its own.