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2007-07-12, 01:21

I have just bought and set up my squeezebox, amazing piece of kit!!!

However, at first I couldn't get my albums to show as single albums if they had more than one artist seeing as itunes had completely reorganised my collection. managed to sort that with a reorganisation with media monkey.

However I'm still having a little problem with artist searches. i've only found one album doing it, (but to be honest i've not looked too much into the rest of my collection and its around 1500 albums so...) Arcade Fire, Neon Bible is the last album I transfered onto my computer, tags all complete etc, however slimserver wont find the album by artist, searching or browsing, on my computer in slimserver, I can view the album neon bible, and it says its by "The Arcade Fire", but when I click on "The Arcade Fire", it tells me I have no music by that artist?

Any ideas in the slightest would be most appreciated.


2007-07-12, 01:29
What version of Slimserver are you using? 6.5.2?

If so, there is a known bug in 6.5.2 which would cause the kind of behaviour you are seeing. It happens where the ARTIST tag is the same as the COMPOSER tag. Itunes often adds the COMPOSER tag without you necessarily being aware of it.

Two solutions:

Upgrade to 6.5.3 - this problem is fixed in the latest nightlies. 6.5.3 contains small, safe bugfixes to 6.5.2 and lots of people, including me are using it with no problems.

Delete the COMPOSER tags on the offending files and do a full clear and rescan.

2007-07-12, 01:44
Cheers for the hasty response.

Not upgraded to 6.5.3 yet, only downloaded on saturday and they've already updated. It only came out yesterday? maybe that'll fix it.

Composer tags, I pressume they the same as album artist? If so I have those on everything, as its the only way I could reorganise my music so that slim server didn't seperate compilation albums into all their seperate artists, because they were in seperate folders on my hard drive (thanks to a full itunes rearrange). I had to have them in so I could tell media monkey to arrange the folders into "album artist" then "album".

For example previously 10,000Hz legend by air was split into 2 albums tracks 1-3 and 5 onwards were one album, and track 4 by air/beck was another album. now the whole album is in the same folder under air as they composed the album. Didn't see any other way of doing this.

2007-07-12, 02:10
6.5.2 is still the official release version.

6.5.3 is a nightly release with small, safe bug fixes to the current release - it comes out every night (well, most anyway) so it is always as up to date as possible.

COMPOSER tags aren't the same as ALBUMARTIST. They refer to the composer of the music, rather than the albumartist who performed them.

You won't see the COMPOSER tag in itunes AFAIK (although I don't use it, so very willing to be corrected about this), you'll need to use something like Tag & Rename, Mp3Tag or Foobar to see them (assuming a Windows set up). MediaMonkey should show you the composer tags, I would have thought, if you click on the Properties of a given track.


2007-07-12, 02:38
Brilliant, cheers. I shall check the composer tags out.

is there an auto update that downloads 6.5.3?

2007-07-12, 03:20
Not automatic, but you can find the latest nightly here:


Assuming a Windows OS, just stop Slimserver running, run the installer, start Slimserver and off you go.

Mark Lanctot
2007-07-12, 05:44
Actually 6.5.3 was officially released last night so you can get it by the "regular" method:


2007-07-12, 06:57
Now I understand.

Cheers much people. Hopefully I can fix the little glitches now.

2007-07-16, 04:54
It appears that iTunes will now read and display Composer info; I'm not sure if they introduced this in 7.3 or if it's always been there.

So you could kill your composer tags from iTunes if you want. However as mentioned mp3tag is really good, and I found it really handy for showing me all sorts of weird tags I didn't even know I had!

2007-07-16, 05:55
Been using media monkey to sort my stuff out, it was great to rearrange my music after itunes made a mess of the file system.

SS 6.5.3 doesn't seem to have the problem with composer tags anymore, or not that I've noticed, so i've not bothered to delete them.