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2007-07-11, 17:57
The latest SlimServer release, 6.5.3, has been posted on the usual downloads page:


Infrant has been notified, and a version for their box will be available within a week or two.

This is a bug-fix release, with a total of 40 bugs fixed. 6.5.3 is part of an effort to make regular releases a little more often.

Some highlights of the fixes include:

1604: Problems with “Guess Tags” from WAV filenames
3410: Intermittent perl58.dll error message during Windows install
4254: Possibly the last fix for Windows Vista installation
4544: Keep gaps between tracks without truncating songs
4979: Fix 6.5.2 bug with albums disappearing when search by artist

Thanks again to our community for making this release possible!

Slim Devices / Logitech Software Program Manager

2007-07-11, 21:18
A complete changelog is available here:


2007-07-13, 15:25
I'd like to encourage everyone with SlimServer 6.5.3 issues to create separate discussion threads.

This thread now locked ....