View Full Version : Debugging SqueezeNetwork problems with your ISP.

2007-07-11, 05:26
I figured all the techies would hang out here so I pose this request.
What information is one best armed with when confronting your friendly (but hopeless) ISP help desk when you have connectivity issues you feel are related to your providers network?

My SB was working just great on SN and then it stopped working. Other services such as POP e-mail and webrowsing performance were also evident.

The ISP HD was up to it's usual tricks of evading rather than diagnosing the problem. They could not even admit that their own support webpage was offline!!

I was pressed for time at the time and did not have the time to collect and present various traceroutes, pings and other network statistics to present. If someone could produce a set of parameters and metrics to collect for presentation to the HD at the first call it could save us all a bit of time.

Their "out" was that I had a wireless router and this was obviously the problem! The solution was to BUY one of their "supported" integrated DSL-modem/router.

At the time I had a screaming infant in my hand and more pressing things to do. Eventually over the course of several days things started working again. But I never did get a call back. Anyway I digress.

Please post your iron-clad data collection if you would be so kind.

- Surviving teething/colic and 3 A.M. wake-ups through music! Thanks SqueezeBox! :-)