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2007-07-10, 23:36
Hi. I just joined this forum and have a question to ask.

I am trying to set up my home WLAN connection as follows, for which I need a particular help.

I have four computers spread over three bedrooms A, B and C. Bedrooms B (one PC) and C (two PCs) are adjacent to each other while bedroom A (one laptop) is quite far. The router (Linksys WRT54G) is located centrally in the hall so that I am able to get equal signal strengths everywhere. Bedroom C is for my music making hobby.

Since the router is in a hall (cannot be moved to a bedroom, else other two bedrooms will suffer from signal loss), I would not like to install the WD Netcenter in the hall (being a back up drive I do not want the dog or the kids to smash it!).

A way could be to install it in bedroom C for which I need to know if a Linksys USB Wireless adaptor (e.g. WUSB54G) can be used to connect to the NetCenter and whether it is possible to make it work?