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Mike White
2007-07-10, 18:52
I am running SS6.5.2 released on Windows XP with all updates. I am seeing two problems.

(1) I added new music in the last day or so, and lo and behold, I cannot find the music with SS. I can see it on the disk, and I can play it with Window Media Player, but SS doesn't even know it exists. I have cleaned and rescanned the entire library at least twice - no joy. I am now not sure that SS knew the artist was even there before, but of course don't have an easy way to go back and check. The artist is Emilylou Harris and I do not find even an entry for her if I look at artists, either under SS or under SoftSqueeze. Neither one will find her.

(2) I am also seeing when I go to Browse on my SB3 that my computer name is coming up, i.e. COMPUTER:OWNER. When I check to see what this is, it tells me that

"UPnP request failed, please check the UPnP server."

Whatever this means. This happens both with SoftSqueeze and with my SB3.

I have updated my firmware, I have reinstalled everything. No luck.

Anybody got any ideas?

2007-07-11, 01:43
You mention you are having a problem browsing for new music by artist - is your new music there if you search by album, or for New Music?

If so, there is a bug in 6.5.2 which causes songs not to show up under ARTIST if there is an identical COMPOSER tag in the same file. You don't mention what types of files you are using, but do they support COMPOSER tags? Things like Itunes and MusicBrainz will add these without you necessarily being aware of them.

2 solutions:

Upgrade to 6.5.3 - this problem is fixed. 6.5.3 contains small, safe bug fixes and is working fine for many people, including me.

Delete the COMPOSER tags in the offending files and do a full clear and rescan.

The other thing you're seeing is the new Unplug and Play functionality in Slimserver. Slimserver should "see" anything on the network which acts as an UPnP server. However, this functionality is limited to Rhapsody at the moment, so far as I am aware. Nothing to be worried about, just ignore it.

See this thread for example http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?p=206165&highlight=upnp#post206165. I'm not sure if Andy has yet come up with a way to turn the UPnP functionality off.

2007-07-15, 05:01

I've just started having the same problem. i ripped a bunch of CDs (->flac 1.1.4) and they're not appearing in SS. i've tried rescanning - both new and complete library. i've tried looking for them under New Music and via the Music Folder link. The flac files themselves play fine.

I've just upgraded to 6.5.3 - but still having the same problem.

I'm running on Windows XP - with latest updates.

have had no problems with ripping to flac previously.

any help appreciated.