View Full Version : Cloning Slim Server Config

2007-07-10, 10:11
I'm about to set up a new Slim Server for a friend. In the interest of expedience, I'd like to take all the customization of my own Slim Server (sever settings, RSS feeds etc.) and clone them directly to the new installation. Are there a few config files I can merely copy over or is it not that simple?


Mark Lanctot
2007-07-11, 06:56
slimserver.pref for a start. Not sure about which other ones though.

2007-07-11, 09:05
I think that slimserver.pref is all you need. But you should note that some of the settings such as screensavers, menu customizations, etc. are player-specific. And if I remember correctly, the players are identified in slimserver.pref by their MAC (ie, hardware) addresses, which will of course be different on your friend's SB. My guess is that slimserver will just ignore those player settings, at least until the day when you bring your SB(s) over and connect them to your friend's network.

If you have some favorite plugins, you should copy those over as well. They are all in the plugins directory (and sub-directories).

2007-07-11, 14:38
Thanks guys...