View Full Version : ID3v2 tags for multiple-artist CDs

Rob Funk
2004-01-09, 20:29
"Robert P. Goldman" <rpgoldman (AT) sift (DOT) info> wrote:
> Actually, I would tend to AVOID using the MCDI tag. I have a lot of
> multi-cd sets (notably operas), and I'm actually going to some effort
> to smash the multiple CDs into single albums by giving them all the
> same identifier.

I agree that there's no point in preserving a separation betwen discs in a
multi-disc set. I also smash multiple CDs into single albums.

But I still think we need a more reliable way to identify what album(s) a
track belongs to than just the album title, or even album title and artist
(due to compilations).

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