View Full Version : Installing XM Radio Plugin

2007-07-08, 14:11
I just installed SlimServer 6.5.2 and my new Squeezebox is playing internet radio, which was my first goal today.

I downloaded the XM Radio plugin (V 1.1.1) but I am clueless as to how to install it. Can anybody out there provide step by step installation instructions? Also, is it working with 6.5.2? I saw some posts that sounded like maybe yes, maybe no.


2007-07-08, 16:37
I'm running on 6.5.3 so you should be fine with 6.5.2.
To install just unpack it in your Plugins directory. The Plugins directory is directly below the slimserver install folder.

Once you have it installed goto server settings -> internet radio and make sure its XMRadio is checked. On the same page you will also need to fill in your username and password for XMRadio web access.

To choose stations click XMRadio under internet radio on the left pane of the default skin.

NOTE: You need to use the default skin to use XMRadio unless you read the release notes and copy the xm_fishbone.. html file to the proper place.


2007-07-09, 09:03
Thanks much! That sounds simple enough. I will give it a shot when I have a little time at home later this week.

2007-07-18, 06:23
I got the plugin installed and everything is working, but I have one small problem. When I select an XM channel from presets or genres, the display shows the channel, artist and title for about 20 seconds, then the artist and title disappear and don't come back. If I go back and reselect the channel, the same thing happens. I have looked through the SlimServer and Player settings and tried messing with the display options, but nothing solves this problem. Running 6.5.2. Has anyone else seen this problem? Am I missing something obvious?