View Full Version : Hardware or software destroyed?

2007-07-07, 09:39
Dear all,

I bought a Squeezebox 3 some days ago. I don't use Slimserver, but Squeezenetwork only. Today I took the SB3 from one room to another and tried to switch on the gadget. I saw the Logitech-logo and after that some suspicious signs followed. I did it again, but the same was happened. Pressing remote buttons was without success. I updated the firmware but no changes. When I press the remote "left"-button for some seconds during the start-up routine (Ligitech-logo after connection to power) I reach the installation menue (IP-address etc.) and can start the SB3 which works well after that.

But: If I disconnect power supply and restart I have the same stupid signs on my display, not the normal messages (obtaining IP-address, connecting to Squeezenetwork etc.) as I am used to. Can you help me? What did I wrong? I am desperate!

Thank you in advance and best regards,