View Full Version : Squeezebox turning itself off after few seconds

2007-07-07, 09:25

Player has been working flawlessly until this morning when I noticed the display was blank. Power back on to a dim looking display and start up a song. Song starts playing but with no sound (volumes ok) and player goes blank after 15 seconds.

The remote was also difficult in responding. Held down the power button to rest, rebooted PC, did updates to slimserver and still have the same issue.

Anyone have an idea what could be wrong?

2007-07-07, 11:48
Hmmm, unplugged the squeezebox again but waited an hour and now it's playing. Also, realized that the idle brightness got reset to zero when the screensaver kicked in, hence the blank screen.

2007-07-08, 03:48
Dont know what is wrong but I have the same issues and it drives me crazy.
Came home from vacation yesterday, turned it on, many radio stations say Untimed Connection or something like that, and No Items In Playlist.
The player shuts itself down, do not respond, plugging it in and out helps, but this is very annoying.
There is always something that keeps you busy with SB3 it seems....

2007-07-09, 14:31
I'm having the same problem. I've tried reinstalling, tried deleting prefs, etc. Everything seems normal from the Web Access; the Squeezebox just keeps shutting off after about five seconds. I unplug it, it reboots and right after it grabs the server, the Squeezebox shuts off and won't respond until I unplug it and plug it back in again.

This seemed to start after the most recent Mac OSX update was applied (a couple of weeks ago.)