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2007-07-07, 00:36
There´s a very annoying click sound each time the web contents is refreshed. How can I remove this? I´ve not been able to find a solution either using a slimserver setting or in the browser (Internet Explorer).

2007-07-07, 01:09
From the FAQ page.

Detailed Description
How do I disable that click sound I hear anytime my browser reloads the screen while using SlimServer?
This is a "feature" of Internet Explorer on Windows.

1. To turn off the "click" when exploring or clicking on hyperlinks,
2. navigate to Start Menu > Control Panels > Sounds and Multimedia (or might be called Sounds and Audio Devices )
3. click on the Sounds tab.
4. Look for the sound settings for: Windows Explorer > Start Navigation and/or Windows Explorer > Complete Navigation and change the selected sound to "none".

2007-07-07, 08:06
Use Firefox. ;-)