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2007-07-06, 07:16
I'm part-way through making an OpenBSD port/package for SlimServer and would like to get the licensing/distribution sorted out, ideally I would like to be able to distribute a package with all the parts I can and have people just fetch the non-redistributable parts themselves rather than have to build from ports.

I assume there's little-to-no chance to get redistribution rights for the firmware, but is there any possibility to at least have a smaller .tar.gz in slimdevices.com/downloads containing the files where redistribution rights can't be granted to third parties? (the critical part being the firmware, but see below re: some other files where rights are unclear, some of which would be painful to re-create). I guess this would be useful to other OS packagers too.

- toolmanx files all refer to LICENSE.txt which is missing. The actual license is at the top of core.js, but it would seem sensible to just include http://tool-man.org/examples/LICENSE.txt.

- jxtk2 is just Copyright Jacob Potter, I don't see anywhere stating rights being granted

- quickstart.html.*, remotestreaming.html.*, slimserver_xml.dtd, strings.txt and Graphics/*.bmp don't have any information.

May these be redistributed? Unfortunately the main License.txt just says 'Portions include software under the following terms' and doesn't identify which license applies to which file.

Sorry if this seems overly nit-picking, I'm just trying to come up with an easy-to-use package that still takes care of distribution rights (:

If this is the wrong place for this, if someone could direct me to the right place I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

[ Edit: add Graphics/*.bmp ]