View Full Version : Cannot obtain DHCP msg but works except in bridging

2007-07-05, 18:05
Have had my SB3 for 12 months or so, set up on the same wireless network & bridging to an old Win2K laptop via cross-over ethernet.

Came to use the bridge yesterday, for the first time in a month or so, and it ain't there. The network details, based on a Netgear 834, have not changed, the firewall is letting the Slim stuff through and the player can actually play music from my main PC upon which the latest SlimServer software resids - so, no wireless problem then. Signal strength is hovers around 70-75%, BTW.

But the bridge doesn't work, again despite no changes being made. I've no idea how to determine the gateway & DNS bits to set up a static IP (the IP itself is no big deal) but in any event cannot see the need for it since the wireless connection is ok.

Have tried an alternative cross-over cable & also verified that both the original & replacement work ok elsewhere.

Any thoughts? Thanks.