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Tony Lopez
2004-01-09, 15:48
I spent a lot of time analyzing the competitors prior to deciding to go with
a Squeezebox. Part of the reason that I went with the squeezebox was because
of the vibrancy of the community and the participation by people like Dean.
However, the fact remains that my Squeezebox simply does not work.

In working for many software companies over the years, I understand that
bugs will arise especially in early versions. However, any software company
worth a damn has a minimum service level that they agree to (although it may
not be publicly stated). My experience thus far with Slimdevice support has
been less than satisfying. I've gotten two unhelpful emails since contacting
support early in the week. I understand that they are small and stretched
but it's essential for any start up to ensure that current customers are
satisfied before scaling the business, so I think that support should not be
heading off to Macworld to get new customers.

I want to be a supporter more than anyone, but it's tough to drop over $300
on something that simply doesn't work. I'll be the first to evangelize my
squeezebox if it works as claimed.

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> Dean et. al.,
> Are you guys working on resolving this issue? If not, isn't it misleading
> say that you support AAC?

If I may, I would like to just give you the view from a very satisfied
Slim user.

Sean and Dean have worked tirelessly to make sure the product they sell
does exactly what it is supposed to do and they state. In addition, the
community on the "developer" side has been amazingly supportive.

So I think I can say with assurance that if it doesn't work for you now,
they will work on it until it does ! And by work on it, Sean, Dean, the
Slim team and its community will go beyond what would normally be
expected from a company support team. (Just see how many posts to
problems Dean and Sean made over weekends, late evenings, not to mention
over the Christmas holidays ...).

BUT, as a small company trying to do all this while launching a brand new
product (and the brand new problems that go along with it) and while they
are taking part in MacWorld, we should understand that they the last
couple of weeks have been very taxing on them.

I don't mean to be standing on a soap box, but I thought I would give you
a different point of view. I have had my Slim for 6 months or so, have
had a couple of hick ups and have read a gizillion posts in the users and
developers forums, and I don't know of a product that is getting that
level of service, PERIOD.

Hang in there ! It is well worth it.