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2007-07-05, 07:04
Hello to you all im hoping someone out the can help this is my problem.

1. I have access to a ftp server and can login no problem
2. upbated firmware etc via qnap

When i start a ftp download in qnap it can only do 1 file at a time not the whole ftp directory it has over 200 files approx 120GB i need to download.

so i give it the ftp path to file 1 works perfect starts downloading

when i ask it for the next file it can because it wants to use the same filename as before!!!!!!

any ideas !!!!!!!!!!!11

cause this is doing my head in


2007-07-05, 12:39
Which ftp programme do you use? If it is command prompt based why not use mget and mput?

Its not clear where the problem lies - or indeed what your problem is...

2007-07-05, 13:18
Are you trying to move files between the QNAP and your desktop? Is the ftp server the one in the QNAP?

I agree with roamingstudio, can you explain what you're trying to do in more detail please?

2007-07-06, 00:13
Im using the ftp download option within qnap
These are some of the files im trying to download


so i request to download them and the 1st one works but save the file as lm_all

the next one fails because it wants to name it lm_all again

even if i go ftp://IP.IP.IP.IP/lm_all#1-7_0_9000x40000000_#1.rt

it still names it lm_all

any clearer can I use something elso on qnap ?

2007-07-06, 06:34

if i create folders within the qdownload directory can i ask the download to save to a specific directory on the ts-101 via the qdownload ftp application