View Full Version : Would it work with the Squeezebox?

Schumacher, Charlie
2004-01-09, 15:43
Well... I called Ximeda and it won't work. Anything accessing the Ximeta
drive has to have the companies software on it. Oh well.

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On Fri, Jan 09, 2004 at 03:45:10PM -0600, Schumacher, Charlie wrote:

> I need a new hard drive, and saw a 160gig external drive (Ximeta
> Netdisk) that connects directly to your network via ethernet. Does
> anyone have experience with one? It would be great to put all my
> MP3's on it and not have to leave my computer turned on all the
> time. It's only $200, which is much cheaper than a NAS solution.

I'm combing through the Ximeta web site and finding precious
little in the way of specifics about what protocols the thing
uses when hooked to the network. From what I can gather from
the user manual, special software/drivers are required which
says to me that it is NOT acting like a Samba or NFS server.

Depending on your OS of choice (looks like Windows and OSX are
the only ones supported now), you ought to be able to use it
as if it was a local drive, so the slimserver would be fine
with it.

It sounds like a very neat product, but it would be a LOT
neater if it acted as a Samba file server. Maybe they have
this planned in the future.

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