View Full Version : Where's the download link?

2007-07-04, 13:09
Hi guys,
not sure if this is the right forums - apologies in advance.

I've been using Slimserver since I got my original Slimp3, and I've previously taken advantage of being able to download my songs to my work machine through the Slimserver download link on the song page.

Recently, I moved off of Windows onto Linux and reinstalled Slimserver. I see that the download link is now missing - not sure if it's due to the 'debian' skin, or if the newer version of Slimserver eliminated this link, or what.


2007-07-04, 14:15
Well, on the default skin on my server the "download" link is there at the end of the "location" entry in the song info page of the web interface...

Where were you looking? Have you tried the default skin?


2007-07-16, 12:09
The slimserver package I had installed only included the 'debian' skin, which didn't have the download link. I uninstalled this package, and installed the newest debian package from slimdevices.com and it included all of the regular skin (and the download link I was looking for.

Thanks for the hint, ceejay.