View Full Version : AAC dropout issues on OSX server with Squeezebox

Tony Lopez
2004-01-09, 15:37
M4a is the extension.

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--- Tony Lopez <tlopez (AT) macromedia (DOT) com> wrote:
> Ripping my collection took me about 2 months of tedious nights. I have
> 1300 albums in my collection so it's really not something that I can
> at this point.
> Dean et. al.,
> Are you guys working on resolving this issue? If not, isn't it misleading
> say that you support AAC?

What is the file extension on your aac files? .mov, .m4a or something else?
There was some talk about transcoding on this topic. If you have a
Squeezebox it shouldn't be transcoding to anything, simply decoding
to raw and sending to the server. Any modern machine should be able
to handle that.

I'm wondering if you're somehow going aac->mp3 instead of raw,
which might cause stutters on a slow machine or a machine in
heavy use.


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