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2007-07-04, 01:14
hi, any idea why the playlists that i-tunes have formatted into i - tunes aren't copying into my slim sever software?

thanks, andy

2007-07-04, 01:33
A few more details would be nice: what OS, what version of Slimserver, how are your files and playlists stored (on an external drive, or on the same box as Slimserver?).

There is some information in the wiki about what has worked for other people with the same problem:


Basically, you need check you're using the right Itunes xml file and you could try reinputting the value for the file in Slimserver, and then doing a full clear and rescan.

Also, what is your Itunes reload interval set to?

Oh, and P.S. the playlists don't contain files from the Itunes store with DRM in do they? If so, Slimserver can't play them.

2007-07-04, 07:56
Itunes xml file - pretty shaw this is right, any other updates i've made or new music i've added to my i-tunes has appeared on slim software after a scan, so i guess that would pick up playlists?

Itunes reload interval - no idea what this is!?

aware of the DRM thing and most of the playlist don't contain DRM music.

thanks for you help so far, andy