View Full Version : Connection to bridged box lost after WPA2 group key renewal

2007-07-03, 12:54
I have a really strange problem whereby I can't get to my Slimserver box over the WLAN after the WPA2 group key renewal period is up. Slimserver runs on a Debian box, which uses my SB2 as a bridge onto my WLAN, and I usually access the Slimserver web interface from my main PC (which has a wired connection into my router).

1. SS->SB2->WLAN->Router->internet and SS->SB2->WLAN->Router->PC is always OK
2. The SB2 disappears from the Wireless clients list after the WPA2 group key renewal period and PC->Router->WLAN->SB2->SS stops working
3. restarting the router or re-entering the Wireless setup through the SB2 remote control restores the connection

Slimserver box IP is (static)
SB2 IP is (dynamic) but I recently changed it from (static) to see if that helped (which it didn't)
IP address of my PC is
Router IP is

I recently changed my router from a USRobotics 9106 (which only supported WPA) to a Linksys WAG200G (which supports WPA2) - however the problem persists. Anyone got any ideas what's going wrong here? Surely the IP address of the SB2 doesn't need to match that of my bridged Slimserver box?

2007-08-15, 14:15
Still experiencing this problem. Can anyone think of what could be up here and what I could try to diagnose it?

2007-08-16, 07:47
Bridging problems don't seem to get answered on here in a hurry if at all. You might be better emailing tech support?

see towards bottom of page. http://www.slimdevices.com/su_tech.html