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2007-07-03, 05:30
Apologies if I've missed something, did a quick search...

Is the following possible?

Analogue line in to PC running SlimServer
Real-time FLAC encoding (optional but desirable)
Stream over network
Play on Squeezebox/Transporter.

Basically I want to be able to use the Zone 2 output on my main hi-fi (Arcam AVR-250) for the FM tuner so I can have FM radio in the kitchen or bathroom. Doing it this way may simplify the wiring!

I'm running SlimServer on NetBSD if that makes any difference.

Mark Lanctot
2007-07-03, 06:05
Not possible for NetBSD, just recently possible for Windows with some soundcards:


2007-07-03, 06:36
If your netBSD has a sound card and you are feeding the FM through a "line input" - then if Alsa or OSS is supported on the sound card, the you should be able to use something like arecord to get a WAV stream which in turn can be converted into Flac. This would require a small plugin similar to


Alternatively some used have used Darkice / icecast on a sound card "line-in" to make a "broadcast" stream and then slimserver tunes into it.

2007-07-03, 06:41
Can't you get the stations you want with Internet radio?

2007-07-03, 06:48
My guess is quality is important and not all internet radio streams are FM quality - for example BBC Radio 3 is only a 40kbits RealAudio stream whereas with a real Tuner you get full FM quality through a sound card without lossy compression.