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Jason Holtzapple
2004-01-09, 14:22
--- Christopher Farley <chris (AT) northernbrewer (DOT) com> wrote:
> Are there any tools (or tricks) to diagnose the cause of the
> drop-outs?

If you're using a recent nightly build, you can change the
progress bar into a buffer indicator. The setting is in
the Performance section of the server preferences.

> My best guess is that some high priority program is forcing the
> slimserver to wait for an excessive period of time. I have never
> tried running the slimserver at a very high priority, but that's
> something I may do if this continues...

It's worth a try as part of your troubleshooting process.
Some unix systems will automatically lower the priority
of a daemon process to '4.' It is worth checking to see
if that's the case and at least bumping it back up to '0.'

> My server is built primarily for low power consumption and quietness.
> It's a MiniITX motherboard, which has a C3 CPU (only 64 KB of onboard
> cache). It's no Athlon, but I can't imagine this machine is
> too slow to run a slimserver.

I run 2 slimp3s and a squeezebox from a similar setup
with no problems. 800 MHz, 512 Mb RAM.

> Is my goal of zero dropouts realistic over WiFi? I'm going to start
> building a dedicated server with multiple hard drives (one for music and
> one for the OS/swap), but it seems like I should be able to achieve
> high performance even on my current setup.

Is there a compelling reason why you're using
uncompressed audio? If you compress with FLAC or
some other lossless encoder you'll reduce the amount
of transmitted data and disk space usage by about 50%
with a very modest cost in CPU usage and no
reduction in quality.


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Caleb Epstein
2004-01-09, 14:28
On Fri, Jan 09, 2004 at 01:25:57PM -0800, Jason Holtzapple wrote:

> Sorry about the self-followup, but I realised right after
> I posted that using FLAC will not cause a reduction in
> bandwidth usage. Just wishful thinking on my part! :)

... not until the squeeze has native FLAC decoding (which I
believe is on the drawing board).

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