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Sam Donham
2007-07-01, 19:24
Having tweaked my Fedora box and router, Jive finally works and is able to
connect to my remote slimserver. I've spent the last few days familiarizing
myself with LUA (I'm a language junkie) allowing me to add various menus and
perform a few simple functions with Jive.
Now I'm left with wondering "what should I do next with Jive?"

I understand that Logitech does not want to divulge too much information
about upcoming products, but it's hard to contribute without having some
sort of development plan....
For instance, I've considered adding volume controls but later decided
against this because should the Jive Platform be used as a hardware remote,
there will likely be dedicated volume buttons. If it's not used as a
hardware remote, then this could be useful. (As a side, note, I just this
second noticed "function _openVolumePopup(vol)" perhaps I'll enable that

I'm hoping that someone might be able to provide me with an idea as to what
I (and the community) can add to Jive. For instance, can someone say "We
need to add {x} to Jive, but haven't gotten around to it." Seeing as I'm
fairly new to LUA and Jive, I'm looking for something really simple to do,
something that will pave the way for more complex operations. Ideally, a
development plan would be nice, but I can understand if Logitech is not
quite ready to give that up.

In the meantime, I'm just going to keep poking around the code. Perhaps
I'll add "Track Length" and "Time Remaining" fields to the Now Playing
window as I like those. Any insight as to where Jive is headed would be of
tremendous help. Thanks..

2007-07-01, 19:42
Oops, just realized that the volume popup works, I was just hitting the wrong keys......
I'll admit, I get a little overzealous and tend to jump into things head first, but it still leaves the question, what can I work on that would be useful? Any ideas?

2007-07-02, 09:40
Hi Sam,

Thanks for your interest in Jive. As a language junkie how are your finding LUA? I've really grown to like it over the past few months.

Here are a few project ideas for people to look at. I have split these up based on programming skills needed.

LUA projects

Now playing screen saver, included song info, album art and track progress. If you'd like to have a go at this please email me and I'll send you some artwork to aim for.
Status bar settings, to enable/disable the status bar icons.
Localization for Jive applets. This should use the same format strings file as slimserver, and include a settings menu to let you select your language.
Clock screensaver.
RSS News ticker applet.
Simple games: Pac man, Tetris, or others.

LUA/Perl projects

Search music menu.
Player settings. e.g. changing the repeat, shuffle and sleep options.
Show briefly popups, based on when showBriefly is used for Squeezebox. For example to confirm playing, adding, deleting, inserting music in a playlist.

LUA/C projects

Sound effects on key entry, using SDL to play audio.
Mouse support.
Fully justified text formatting and better UTF-8 word wrapping for the Textarea widget.


Windows installer - my attempts at this don't seem to work!
Linux rpm.
OSX installer.

Please ask if you need more information or help to get started.


2007-07-06, 05:57
a maemo installer for the n800 :D ?