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2007-07-01, 16:12
So I tried updating to 6.5.2 because I have a Nokia 770 coming and I wanted to use the 770 skin. I ran into massive issues once again where the new slim server would just occupy 100% of my CPU for hours and the library would never scan. So I went back to 6.3.0. Now I am back on 6.3.0, but when I scan the library, it says I only have 24 albums by 8 artists. (used to have over 100 albums by 500 artist. It is like its assigned my music FOLDERS as album names..... its quite bizarre. Anyone ever seen this? Any recommedations on what to do?

2007-07-01, 23:59
> Any recommedations on what to do?

Now that you have problems with 6.3, too, you could just update to 6.5.3
and fix the issues on the latest version. If you can't upgrade, uninstall
the existing version first (after backing up the original), reinstall.

Run the scanner after enabling d_scan and d_info in the debugging section
of the slimserver. Post the last few lines of the debug log.

What OS are you running slimserver on?



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2007-07-02, 05:42
I'm running Windows XP Home with media center. I have actually re-installed a few different versions of slimserver. Whe n I go into the windows "ad or remove programs" it says slimserver is 96MB in size! That clearly seems wrong (its only like 20MB, right?) so I thought I would just uninstall slim server to whipe the slate clean and start over. But when I try to, I get an error message from Windows : "
The uninstall log file "C:\Program Files\SlimServer\unins000.dat" is in a format not recognized by this version of the uninstaller. Cannot uninstall.

How can I uninstall SS?

2007-07-02, 13:06
So Anoop at tech support hotline was able to help me. I just deleted the old Slimserver(s) I had and reinstalled 6.5.3. Then I had the same problem==> Once Slimserver starts running, my CPU would whirl off into space 100% consumed and my computer would get EXTREMELY slow. Stopping slimserver, then all would be fine. So Anoop theorized my McAfee Internet Security Suite was the problem. I had McAfee stuff all turned OFF, but he said that really is not good enough. "You have to uninstall it all and see if that is the problem" So I simply uninstalled just the Firewall first(I still have "VirusScan" and "Privacy Service") and now ITS ALL GOOD. So it was the firewall. Apparantly the Firewall did not like the newer version of SlimServer... I had no issues like this with 6.3.0.

Anyway. I am going again with latest SlimServer. Now I just need to figure out how to have my firewall not puke all over slimserver.