View Full Version : Unable to access KFI and other CC urls

2007-07-01, 14:44
I've just loaded Slimserver 6.5.2 and can no longer access any Clear Channel urls. For example, I've been accessing KFI successfully for a couple years, changing reflectors when needed. I snooped the current url as:


I'm now getting "Can't connect to server" errors for all http pathnames. Has something changed? Any info is much appreciated.

2007-07-02, 15:17
Well, I'll answer my own question. I just received this from the KFI techs:

"The problem you are having may be related to the fact that Clear Channel Radio recently transitioned their Terrestrial Radio streams over to secured streaming with Akamai. The purpose of secure streaming is to protect the intellectual property by prohibiting direct linking to the stream publishing url. These new secured streams will require token generation and authentication directly through the player.

I apologize...there is not a direct link I can give you."