View Full Version : Squeezebox 3 upgrade for Beginners!

2007-06-29, 05:51
Hi all,

Just bought my first Squeezebox 3 (and first post on forum) Iím absolutely thrilled by it. But although not the most technically minded I do love good hifi, and Iím already interested in getting every last drop of performance from my Squeezebox.
I've heard about changing the power supply and fitting an external DAC could someone suggest anything? Current system Creek amp & headphone amp Linn Genki cd player & monitor audio SE 20ís speakers
Cheers Jez UK

2007-06-29, 07:50
If you have not already done so, I would first make sure you have got your music library sorted. CD's ripped using FLAC with a decent ripper like EAC and well tagged. Spending good money on new DAC's and PSU's wont be worth it unless your source is tip top.

BTW, not a good idea to use your email address like that. If you get loads of spam, that's why (there is software that scans websites looking for email addresses, especially forums).

Deaf Cat
2007-06-29, 10:03
Maybe worth a tinker...?